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Claremont McKenna MSF placement

Placement for CMC is a little hard to find, but here is a small sampling, direct from their website.

“The students of the Master’s Program in Finance Class of 2010 have secured job placement in a variety of organizations. Students have accepted fulltime positions with several firms including:

  • Cambridge Associates (Menlo Park, CA) – Analyst
  • Harris, Williams & Co. (San Francisco, CA) – Investment Banking Analyst
  • DaVita, Inc. (Denver, CO) – Healthcare Analyst
  • Relational Investors (San Diego, CA) – Analyst
  • Wells Fargo (San Francisco, CA) – Commodities Analyst
  • Credit Suisse (Los Angeles, CA) – Investment Banking Analyst
  • Prager, Sealy & Co. (New York, NY) – Trader
  • Citi (New York, NY) – Quantitative Trader

Some Master’s in Finance students have decided to continue their education and will be attending PhD Programs at schools including Carnegie Mellon and George Mason University. Others have accepted roles with international businesses located in Mexico City and Hong Kong.”


Here is a link to the class profile:


I think if you are looking for a Cali MSF then I would absolutely look here.  The class size is small and they have a mix of undergraduate universities which I think adds strength to a program.

** Interesting side note. The degree awarded when you graduate is a MA, Finance. Not a big deal, I just thought it was something to mention.

Here is a direct link to the CMC MSF program:


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