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I am talking about diversity when it comes to the backgrounds of students within a specific MSF program. One of the best things an MSF program can do, IMO, is to ensure that they do not take all of their students from the undergraduate student body.

Now I realize that it is both easy and tempting to recruit a programs class from graduating seniors, but I feel that it takes away from the program as a whole by not having a diverse mix of students coming from different schools. When a program has students coming from a variety of universities you have the opportunity to learn from your peers and experience a small part of all their schools teaching style. It also adds life to the program and gives students an opportunity to experience new professors and ideas.

For those looking at MSF programs it also give off a feeling of openness. I can imagine it must be rather intimidating looking at a MSF program having not gone to that school for undergrad and finding out that the class is made up entirely of alumni.

I think one of the strongest attributes of a top MBA program is the fact that they strive for a diverse cohort of students. MSF programs should take notice of this practice and imitate.

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