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So when I was going through the MSF process a common refrain from interviewers or people that I was networking with was a) what is an MSF and b) why an MSF over an MBA.

Now everyone will have their own answer for B, but I think life would be a lot easier if the MSF degree was more widely known. Now I don’t know, when I hear that someone has a ¬†Masters in Finance I automatically think a graduate level education in the field of finance. If someone told me that had a Masters in Bird Watching I would think a graduate education in watching birds. Maybe I am a genius (doubtful) because plenty of people look dumbfounded when you mention that you have an MSF.

The more people with MSF degrees who go into finance the higher the chance the people will know what the degree is. I am not saying that the day will come when an MSF will trump an MBA, but I would like the day to come where people hear Masters in Finance and automatically understand and know the degree.

With this being said I think people who have an MSF degree should promote it, talk about it and clearly define the differences between an MBA. Additionally, if you have an MSF already then look for firms that have hired other MSF students.

My loyalty will be strongest to Villanova and their MSF degree, but if one day I see a resume with MSF from XYZ school I will automatically recognize the degree and the added knowledge an MSF graduate will bring to the table. I hope that everyone else would do the same.

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    July 22, 2010 at 6:25 pm

    Definitely. I know that an MSF graduate actually knows something about finance, unlike some MBA with a specialization in finance posers.

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