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Tuesday July 27th 2010

I figured I would take a break from posting schools to make a comment on a couple of things.

First, best of luck to everyone waiting or who have already received their CFA results. There is an apparent issue with Yahoo mail which is keeping some individuals in the dark until tomorrow. My girl friend is one of them so I know first hand the anxiousness that this is causing.

I have been sending some emails out to current MSF students asking them for their insight into their respective programs. I hope these interviews give added value to anyone researching different programs.

MSF Costs will be updated soon. I think I have over 40-50 schools listed which should be handy for deciding which programs are affordable and which are not.

I plan on reaching out to the adcoms at the various schools and getting some personal information on each program. I might try and get some official literature from each program and post it online. Kind of like a PDF repository that way you can instantly grab all of the information from each school.

My ultimate goal is to make this the one and only place someone needs to go to make their MSF decision. The less time you waste searching around for stuff the more you can spend making the actual decision.

If anyone has any suggestions or requests please comment on the site. I will respond promptly.


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  1. Bunmi
    July 29, 2010 at 7:12 am

    Hello. Great site. I will be starting an MSF program with the University of Dundee, Scotland and i would like to contribute to the blog by way of reviews to the program. I was wondering what format you wanted the reviews to take, or will they just be general reviews.

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