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Why I chose the Queen Mary- UL MSF program

I have a review of the Queen Mary program in London. I cannot thank everyone who sends me these enough. It is a great insight for myself and very helpful for everyone else.


Why I picked the MSc Banking and Finance at Queen Mary, University of London:

They seemed very focused on applied learning, rather than theory.

City university (cass) has a pretty good reputation as a solid recruiter and a partner of the CFA program; however, beyond just having the fact that you’re a partner program, the curriculum compared to Queen Mary was about equal. They covered pretty much the same material. So if you wanted to take the CFA afterwards you would certainly not be at a big disadvantage. QMUL Also seem to have quite a few modules taught by professionals in London, which not only gives applied learning but a networking opportunity as well.

The professors seemed really knowledgeable and prestigious. They come from top schools including LSE and Bocconi

Placement seemed pretty good for a non Oxbridge/LSE school. The overall Finance program, which includes MSc in Law and Finance, Investment and Finance and Finance and economics, (accounting and finance/banking and finance are brand new this fall) has placement since 2001 of 23% going into investment banking, 33% banking and the rest distributed between intl. finance and research jobs mostly. Each of the Finance programs has between 60-90 each year (so roughly 225 people graduating each year). Banks include Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds

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