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Update 8/7/2010

Ok, here is a quick update.

1) I updated the MSF program costs. About 60 schools represented. Not everyone, but I think it will give you a quick idea of what different schools cost

2) The LinkedIn group is now over 30 members. I think that is pretty good considering the relatively newness of this site. Please join if you have not already done so. Here is the link:


3) A comment on some programs I have been finding. I just found 3 MSF programs that I decided against posting. I could not find any accreditation and some of them looked like scams. I only want to post reputable programs. Hence my lack of online programs as well as my omission of some programs. I take time and look at each of these sites. The last thing I want to do is promote or provide web traffic for any program looking to scam someone.

4) Reviews. I have a couple out and I am waiting for them to be returned. I have been contacting adcoms to get more information on the various programs. This is going to be a long term project, but I hope as the site grows I will eventually draw the attention of these various schools who will want to provide more information. If anyone would like to talk about their school or why they chose to go to XYZ please feel free to contact me>


I will be getting a real deal web address for this site in the next week. Currently finalizing the domain name I want. Once that is done I will get some hosting and really make this site something work visiting. More to come.


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