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John Hopkins MSF Info

August 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Ok, I just had my first phone interview with an MSF admin. I need to work on my spiel a little better, but hey, it was my 1st time.

If you read this very nice John Hopkins adcom, thank you for your time!


Ok, here is the low down on the program:

2 Locations : DC and Baltimore

1 Night a week – 6-9pm

36 credits, 2 credits per class

Fall and Spring are broken down into two 8 week sessions (you have 4 mini semesters) plus a summer semester

No cohort, very flexible

5-6 years to complete the degree

100+ students in the program (in various stages of completion

Admission Requirements

3.0 GPA

GMAT/GRE optional

Several years of progressive work experience

Analytical/Quantitative background

What is needed to apply:

Current Resume

2 References

500 word essay

Transcripts from all universities that you earned 12+ credits at

$100.00 application fee

I asked if there was a plan to have a FT MSF program in the future. They said there might be, but right now they are focusing on rolling other programs out.


So there you go. Some decent information for anyone looking at the program.

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John Hopkins MSF

John Hopkins has a part time MSF program at either their Baltimore Campus or Washington DC campus. I think JH is a great name to put on your resume and theĀ flexibility of either campus and being part time is nice for working professionals in that area.

Here is a direct link to the John Hopkins MSF program: