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Global Derivatives

Just wanted to call attention to another great finance site. Much like Quantnet, Global Derivatives is more towards the financial engineering side, but there is a lot of overlap and the site is still a great source of information.

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Reviews of a few MSF programs

All credit goes to quantnet for these. Really happy to have found them. Enjoy.



SUNY Buffalo



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July 28, 2010 1 comment

I just wanted to bring everyones attention to another great site and blog/forum. Quantnet is a great resource for those leaning towards the quant side or who are looking for more mathematically in depth programs.

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New Blog

Ok everyone. I decided to move the blog to a new address because I wanted continuity. I now have a twitter and gmail all set up for the ms in finance name. Figure it would be easy this way. The old site is still up with a redirect, but I will be using this site from now on.

Follow me on Twitter – MSinFinance

or email me any questions –

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Some YouTube Videos of Interest

I found some videos which might interest people viewing the site. One of them talks about the MSF program at Case Western. Others are students or professors talking about various programs.

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July 18, 2010 1 comment

So when I was going through the MSF process a common refrain from interviewers or people that I was networking with was a) what is an MSF and b) why an MSF over an MBA.

Now everyone will have their own answer for B, but I think life would be a lot easier if the MSF degree was more widely known. Now I don’t know, when I hear that someone has a ┬áMasters in Finance I automatically think a graduate level education in the field of finance. If someone told me that had a Masters in Bird Watching I would think a graduate education in watching birds. Maybe I am a genius (doubtful) because plenty of people look dumbfounded when you mention that you have an MSF.

The more people with MSF degrees who go into finance the higher the chance the people will know what the degree is. I am not saying that the day will come when an MSF will trump an MBA, but I would like the day to come where people hear Masters in Finance and automatically understand and know the degree.

With this being said I think people who have an MSF degree should promote it, talk about it and clearly define the differences between an MBA. Additionally, if you have an MSF already then look for firms that have hired other MSF students.

My loyalty will be strongest to Villanova and their MSF degree, but if one day I see a resume with MSF from XYZ school I will automatically recognize the degree and the added knowledge an MSF graduate will bring to the table. I hope that everyone else would do the same.

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MSF Listing

Here is a link to the 2010 Financial Times MSF listing. It looks like a good jumping off point for anyone interested in the degree and starting their research. I like the fact that it is global since the UK as well as Continental Europe have so many great programs. Hope it helps anyone looking into the degree.