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Why I chose the Dundee

First off i am a non US citizen. Got my BA in Economics from a good enough US school and then went on to work in the advisory arm of a Big 4 firm as an analyst for about a year and a half before the market bottomed out and my department was wiped out. I took on a small stint as an internal auditor at a small university but then decided to go on for my Masters degree in finance.

Why Dundee?
I chose the UK and Dundee for two reasons:

1) Price- in US dollar terms the MSF program is going to cost me about 13,000 dollars in tuition for a one-year course. Living costs are estimated at 7500 US dollars. And;

2) The program is very heavy on research and is somewhat accounting-focused.

What do i hope to do afterwards?
Well i am planning on taking the academic route and going for a PhD. I have talked to a few people in the program and they reiterated that it was quite heavy on theory and research, and it would be a good enough intro into the first year of a finance PhD program.

Your site
Frankly i wish i had found that site when i was searching for possible MSFs. Its a great site and quite informative. One thing i would have loved to see (it may be there buried deep in the older thread entries) was a ‘Day in the life” kind of thing for MSF students. I realize that programs differ, but i still think a lot of schools run using the same general outline for teaching finance.

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The University of Dundee MSF

Just when you think you have found all the programs you stumble on one you missed.

The University of Dundee is a Scottish MSF program. They also have an Islamic finance masters. A very gracious student has contacted me and given me some insight on why he has chosen the school. I will post it right after this.

Here is a link to the University of Dundee MSF program:

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