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Vanderbilt MSF 2010 Placement

A great guy over at Wall Street Oasis kindly provided me with some 2010 placement stats for Vanderbilt. Looks like they are continuing their history of solid placements.


BAML Industrials NYC
DB Energy Houston
Harris Williams Boston
Sun Trust Robinson Humphrey ATL
Morgan Keegan Memphis
Stephens – Arkansas
Taylor DeJongh – D.C

Morgan Keegan

Algorithmic Programmer – Xambala
Financial Analyst – Harrah’s Entertainment
Financial Analyst – LG Electronics
Management Consultant – Capgemeni
Financial Analyst x2 – Accredo Health
Actuarial Consultant x2 – Some consulting firm in Louisville
Financial Analyst – Balfour Beatty Energy Solutions

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Vanderbilt MSF placement stats

Here is a link to the placement history (2006-09) for the Vanderbilt program.

Looks pretty decent IMO. Here is the direct link to the Vanderbilt MSF programs website.

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