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Updated WashU Olin placement stats

August 4, 2010 Leave a comment

Here is the updated PDF. Nice placements!


WashU MSF placement info

Placement stats look very good. I would say one of the great advantages Olin has is the fact that their MBA program is well ranked. It has been my experience that many recruiters are not sure of what an MSF degree is all about and having MBA recruiting on campus makes things a little easier.

MIT and UWash Admission Stats

Just had a friend send me these stats. This should give prospective applicants a good idea of what they are facing when they apply to these programs.

MIT: ~900 Applicants > 80 admissions offers > 60 spots (slightly less than 9% admit rate)

WashU: 1102 Applicants > 100 admissions offers > 60 spots (slightly higher than 9% admit rate)

Link to UWash MSF Program: