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London Business School Chat Transcript

August 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Bloomberg Business week did a chat with an adcom at LBS. It includes a range of topics, but there is some information on the MSF and placement/recruiting.

FYI – LBS wants work experience for their MSF. Those without work experience are encouraged to apply to the Masters in Management.


London Business School MSF

Ok, after a little bit of wait I am not going to tackle the UK MSF programs. Those of you who know more specifics please comment or email me.

**UK and Europe are different than us in the fact that the MSF is more common than the MBA.**

I think the UK programs are awesome. World class institutions and well developed programs.

Here is a link to some of LBS’s alumni profiles:

Here are placement stats for MSF’ers:

Here is a direct link to the LBS MSF program: